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Little Toast Plush

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Wakey-wakey! It's A little Toast! Adorably goofy and kawaii, this squishable silly loves to loaf around! Freshly baked, with a fluffy white tummy and golden-brown crust, Amuseable Toast also has neat cordy feet. A buddy for breakfast with a good-morning smile
This is the SOFTEST stuffed animal you will ever feel. It is extremely plush, textured, and detailed for a stuffed toy. This Little Toast is great for a gift for a baby, toddler, pineapple lover, or stuffed animal collector! It is the highest quality and grade of stuffed animals that exists. If only you could feel it through your screen! 
  • Height 6" x Width 4"
  • Hand wash only, do not tumble dry, iron, or dry clean

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